Uber Brush Set - Complete (Adobe Photoshop)

Adam Nichols
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Uber Brushes Set - Complete (Adobe Photoshop)

The Version 1.0 Brush Set Includes:

28 Sketch Brushes

49 Ink Brushes

43 Environment Brushes

23 Character Brushes

22 Texture Brushes

15 Pattern Brushes

TOTAL: 180 Brush Set

Always wanted to have the definitive and yet easily accessible Photoshop Brush collection? Look no further. Uber Brushes gives you 28 of the best sketching and speed painting brushes along with another 150 brushes for specialised areas including; ink and traditional media, environment painting, character and creature design, texture and matte painting as well as graphic and patterned brushes. 

All the brushes you will need, none that you don't!

This file includes brushes compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS1-CC. 

I want this!
43 MB
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